What is an Ompowered Life?

What is an Ompowered Life?

It is said that by simply chanting the mysterious and magical OM mantra, you can call on spiritual light and merge into vibrational harmony with the universe. Wow, quite a feat and yet most of us won’t even give it a try. As a matter of fact, we’ve heard of many, many ways to be happier, more productive, in better shape and healthier, but most of us don’t follow these guidelines as well.

It’s not that we don’t care, it’s that we’re so inundated with information and things to do, life is simply overwhelming. We write lists, we set goals, we consult Pinterest for everyday hacks and still can’t keep up! We know we can do more than ever, that we have the world at our fingertips; we want to be better, to make an impact, to succeed! Geez, most days, we just want to get a healthy dinner on the table and clean off our desks.

Everyday life today is a contradiction. We are mobile and free, yet unconnected; we have access to everything yet unfulfilled; we know more than ever, yet are unhealthy and overweight; we are escaping the 9-5, yet struggling to reach customers among an influx of noise.

Do less, think less, chill out

Do you know that many of the world’s top business, athletic and entertainment performers meditate to function better? It’s true – by tuning OUT, they know it will help to think clearer, be more organized and live in the moment. The world’s top performers also have life and business coaches to help them pave their life paths and stay on them.

Clearer minds + human support + better habits + focus + direction = happiness + gratitude + success + connection + + +

An Ompowered Life is one surrounded by guidance and good vibes; it’s about being mindful and satisfied, about finding joy and being grateful for this wonderful life. It’s about setting intentions and following your bliss; about learning, growing and connecting.

By sharing all the many spiritual concepts, wellness hacks and business savvy I’ve acquired over that past decade, this is exactly what I hope to help people do. To live more holistic, mindful lives. More abundant and joyful lives. To find meaning and authenticity in relationships and everyday life. And to sustain it with inspired success.

Pinterest and Google do a great job at telling us all we need to know and do; however we need to connect with each other, to communicate and share ideas to really make real change. We need constant reminders and consistent positivity.

Thanks for joining me on an eternal journey of discovery and enlightenment, I hope to hear from you.

with love and blessings,