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Expansive, conscious growth & leadership coaching for impactful, soul driven entrepreneurs and leaders with Rachel Schwab

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Get results in 2022 with focused, real-time 1:1 coaching that is customized to you and your business goals.

“Rachel is an amazing business coach to work with.” – Suzanne H

My clients are amazing. They’re big-hearted, soulful, spiritual and ambitious. Yet, so many come to me feeling:


Overwhelmed and frustrated with tech, funnels, social media & marketing


Struggling with consistent productivity


Unfocused & out of flow


Disconnected & sometimes lonely working in silos

As a solopreneur, perhaps you also struggle with inconsistency, wavering confidence, idea overwhelm and the lack of focus that comes with having multiple projects on the go.

Since you’re here….

You’re ready for more.

You’re feeling the call to kickstart momentum, scale your business in a way that gives you more free time, and step into your untapped potential!

Rachel Schwab Business Coach

Ompowered Life

4-Month Private Coaching with Rachel

*Four spots available in 2022*


I work with my clients weekly & biweekly to provide constant, ongoing support and momentum:


Get laser focused and take consistent action


Dismantle limiting beliefs and mindset barriers


Implement efficient systems & habits


Optimize all areas of your business


build confidence & stamina


Get professional marketing, social media & tech support

Coaching is a proven process that gets you where you’re going, with less overwhelm. It works.

What my entrepreneur clients are saying…

‘Working with Rachel over the past year has brought so much clarity and focus to my business, not to mention a significant increase in my revenue.

Her expertise in digital marketing also added tremendous value to our work together.
Hiring Rachel was one of the best decisions that I have ever made!’
Caitlin W.

Owner, Physiotherapy at Home, Toronto

“In less than 6 months, Rachel has helped me make significant improvements in my business.

She helped me to understand how successful I can be and visualize ways to grow my business. She provided me with tools I use daily and a solid plan for business growth.

I highly recommend Rachel.”

Frederica B.

Owner, Frederica Black Events

“I was confused as to how to make changes in my coaching business. Normally I would have spun around in circles and might even manage to talk myself out of doing anything, but luckily Rachel helped me out of this situation.

Within just a few sessions, Rachel helped me to get clear on what’s important and how to proceed. She helped me cut through mental clutter and self doubt so that I can identify my next steps to keep me moving towards making the changes I set out to do.

Rachel has a knack for working with creative people like me. She is a gem.”

Winnie L.

Intuitive Life Coach

“Rachel is an amazing business coach to work with. She helped work out issues as they presented themselves through the latter part of my first year as an entrepreneur. As I hit each hurdle, we figured out an appropriate strategy. With her ability to pose pertinent questions and dig deep to find what might be holding you back, she is a great person to have on your side!”

Suzanne H

Owner, Above & Beyond Interiors

“When I began working with Rachel, I was drowning in imposter syndrome.

On the one hand, I had a lot to say. On the other, I was afraid to put my words ‘out there.’ With Rachel’s support, I learned to tame many of my insecurities, got my words published in reputable e-zines, grew my social following significantly, and found the confidence to embark on a new life venture that I know is going to fill my cup. “

Vivienne S

Writer & coach, Viv for Today