What comes after … the transcendence of Neptune in Pisces (-2026): an Astrological look at our collective future

What comes after … the transcendence of Neptune in Pisces (-2026): an Astrological look at our collective future

Neptune in Pisces, a once-in-several-lifetimes, 15-year transit, always ensured a dissolving of societal boundaries.

Astrologers have always known that during this transit (February 2011 – January 2026) a massive spiritual shift and possibly a lot of confusion was guaranteed; a shift that would permeate the entire world.

After all, Neptune rules the subconscious, the spiritual realm and all we can’t see (including ghosts and viruses). Neptune dissolves; it blurs boundaries and floods reality. Neptune offers an escape into the unreal (but maybe real); and it shows us that magic and synchronicity exist.

In the past decade, we have seen and experienced a massive movement towards idealistic climate/humanitarian solutions (some good, some not), global awareness and compassion combined with mass delusion, and even something that can only Neptune in Pisces would suggest – a seemingly swift dissolution of … genders. Yes, male and female archetypes, turned inside out and questioned.

At it’s best and most noble, Neptune, while in Pisces, invokes oneness, creativity, compassion, empathetic, martyr-like charity and generosity. It promises that every last soul is equal and worthy; it’s forgiving, heartfelt and idealistic. It is non-judgemental, accepting and naively open to whatever.

Neptune in Pisces is also bringing, as we are seeing, a massive spiritual revival (think yoga, tarot, astrology, ESP), tie dye, psychedelics, mass escapism through several means including social media and drug addiction, and a focus on institutions such as hospitals and prisons, both ruled by Neptune.

Although mostly behaving well in its home temple since 2011, Neptune does have a tendency to be temperamental and deceptive – the “misinformation/propaganda” issue that comes from all sides is one example. As well, we will  experience the most full-on nature of a planet as it nears the final degrees of a sign, which is where we currently heading. This particular transit has also coincided with several wars, a terrifying exacerbation of opioid addiction and mental health issues, the legalization of marijuana, and the whole Covid fiasco, among other things.

Since Pisces does represent the end of a cycle (the Neptune cycle is approx. 164 years), and Neptune is powerful in its own domain, this particular transit is sure to bring even more reality-bending experiences before it moves on in January 2026.

Which brings me to my initial curiosity, and the actual point of this article: what comes after?

If Neptune in Pisces embodies collective transcendence and utopia-ism; if it is the pillar of compassion, of healing and selflessly attending to the underserved, then is this it? (at the time of this writing, June 2022, we still have 3.5 years of this transit) Personally, I often feel that I have maxed out the amount of societal delusion I can handle, as well as the idealistic notions that are seething into everything we have ever known (again, Neptune dissolves reality). My head is spinning in this final decan of mass spiritual awakenings and online gurus. But the question I pose is this:  At it’s best; as a bringer of boundless creative energy and feeler of universal oneness, is THIS the maximum amount collective compassion we will see in our lifetime?

A second inquiry: What will the Neptune in Pisces generation bring (specifically those born in the later degrees of this period)? Those born from about 2021-2026, will be young adults in the years 2041-2047, just as Pluto moves into Pisces, along with the North Node. It is easy to predict that this period will be unlike anything we’ve ever seen – and another significant, ending/beginning that will challenge reality and norms.

For now, what I do know, is that in early 2026, Neptune will move into Aries – the warrior – and start a new 164-year cycle.

Neptune, cold water in Aries, hot fire.

Spiritual warrior. Unbounded youth with no fear. Old soul with revived motivation. Idealistic visionary on a solo mission. The party is over, the fight begins. A fight for equality. Inevitable war.

This may bring a breath of fresh air and courageous change; and it may bring a lot of fighting, especially as Pluto will finally be in Aquarius, the house of the collective. This could be exactly when collective uprisings and civil-war-like events really gain traction, as well as an even greater emphasis on autonomy, family allies and self-sufficiency.

Either way, over the next 3.5 years, Neptune will only gain competence and confidence, and increase its intensity in Pisces. This energy will be inescapable in 2025, and this is when I will be able to answer my question. Hopefully by then, the world will have softened, but not too much, and the highest expressions of this transit will have equipped us for the next evolution.

Confidence, momentum, focus.
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