I have amazing friends. A really great support network of happy, communicative, open and supportive people in my life. And of course I am absolutely blessed for it.

Because I have been surrounded by women and have been mostly comfortable around women for most of my life, I’ve had the fortune of many intimate “womanly” conversations and insights; I’ve learned about common insecurities and embarrassing issues, and I’ve received piles upon miles of advice and mentorship through my life.

I also have had the experience of working, even briefly, with some great coaches. Women who also provide support, encouragement and insight.

While my friends offer plenty of loving support, vulnerability, openness, and help with managing and getting through all my many moods of life, they do so from their platform of opinions and from our shared experiences. They offer up wisdom and helpful advice, based on their assumptions, beliefs and knowledge.

And this is the biggest difference between the supportive, nurturing relationships of my friends and the empowering, judgement-free relationships with my coaches.

Life Coaching: Building self-trust, self-awareness and the power of choice

A life coach facilitates positive change, whether in habits, beliefs, or moods, but does so by removing their personal presumptions and opinions from the mix.

Like a great network of girlfriends, a coach also offers plenty of life support, but they also create much needed space. Space that allows me to bring my own wisdom to the surface, and trust it. Instead of just offering their professional expertise and wisdom, my coaches ask questions. Matter of fact, non-judgmental questions that force me to come up with my own answers. And not just any answers. The ones that are best for me.

Having a support network and circle of friends (large or small) through all stages of life is essential for a fulfilled, balanced life. Good friends help us to be seen; they encourage, support, champion and help us to know we are not alone in this world.

I’ve learned over the past few years that life coaches, in their many forms, are also an incredibly powerful resource we can use for an even more fulfilled, balanced, motivated, inspired and productive life. For the most part, they don’t tell us what to do, but they challenge. They don’t give us advice, but they show us where we’ve already come up with our own, custom solutions. They don’t criticize, judge or scold, but instead allow us to make our own decisions.

Of course there are many types of life coaches that specialize in various areas of life, and people will have different experiences working with different people.

For myself, a very independent someone who has never considered any sort of external, professional guidance, I’m so happy that I’ve finally, after forty odd years of life, discovered the empowerment a trained life coach can facilitate. I wouldn’t trade my girlfriends for the world, but I also now know the difference between navigating life with the help of loved ones and with the professional guidance of a coach.

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily”
– Zig Ziglar

This is exactly why, as a life coach, I try to remove more of myself (ego) from my coaching relationships and why I am working on new programs and events that combine in-person human connection, welcoming and judgement-free friendships and awareness-building life coaching.

My monthly, full moon circles for women are a sacred space for sharing and connection, however I’m also working on a new group program that incorporates the expertise, and self-reflection that comes from life coaching. If this interests you, get on my list to receive email updates or come on over to Facebook to continue the conversation.

I believe the majority of us can all use some more support and encouragement in our lives, and especially more connection with each other.


Confidence, momentum, focus.
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