Leadership Coaching with Rachel Schwab

Support, mindfulness & conscious leadership for flow & growth

Professional Coaching, guidance + mentorship

Private, 1:1 Coaching

Impact + Potential: Own your highest vision and make it happen

This transformative, 6-month coaching programme is a professional and personal change and growth accelerator for business owners, influencers and leaders.

You already have the vision, the experience, and the ambition. This programme takes a whole life approach that will allow you to develop even greater self-awareness, make and trust your decisions, and acquire a wider perspective to take you to new, expansive heights in business and life.


Expand your world of possibilities

Coaching for communication, clarity, creativity & confidence

Bigger decisions and greater responsibility requires expanded thinking. It starts with self awareness.


Throughout our six month partnership, we go deep into personal mindset blocks and explore what propels and what hinders you.


I create the needed space to allow you to get to know yourself ~ your strengths, values, purpose and motivation ~ and explore ways to use this essential knowledge to be a more impactful, mindful and resilient leader.

Executive Leadership coaching

Key Areas of Focus

Although each private coaching session is completely custom to your specific needs, these are some key areas we cover.

Self-Awareness: strengths & values

Stress management

Leadership Approach

Strategic & Creative Execution

Communication & Interpersonal Skills

Goal Setting, Prioritization, TIme Management

6-month private, leadership and executive coaching


✔︎ 2-hour initial strategy/discovery session
✔︎ Bi-weekly coaching video calls via ZOOM (In-person in Toronto)
✔︎ Expert communications consultation upon request
✔︎ Industry tools and processes as relevant
✔︎ Unlimited email availability

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